Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's a new year... lets not let the boys be disappointing any longer

Happy Twenty-12!  Another ball drops on what I usually deem highly anti-climatic night.  Oh great, another year closes and I'm still not making money, wishing the gym was a little less of a daunting idea, haven't gotten those sexy shoes of their box yet, and yes of course we are starting the year Zero Weeks Pregnant - actually... that's a halleluiah moment for the fact that I'm not pregnant... however, given the scope of this blog, it's another year starting out wondering where I can possibly go into the dark realm of dating, boyfriends, watching relationships begin and crumble from afar, and wondering how many more Saturday nights my hips can handle of Ben & Jerry's (come on girls, you can't handle it... go big or go home).

Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011

Stock Up on Wine Girls... It's the Holidays

We have all been there.  The dreaded start to the holiday season around the Thanksgiving table involving the relatives asking 'oh so innocently': "So, tell me... are there any men in your life?"  Instantly you choke a little on your food hoping that the few extra seconds before you answer will afford you enough time to come up with a relatively intelligent (aka evading/changing of the subject) answer so you don't look like the 'eats Ben & Jerry's with a side of wine while watching chick flicks alone every Saturday night girl' you've grown accustomed to being.  Sadly, no well thought out plan of attack on this question ever gets you out of everyone at the table collectively realizing that a). you just chugged down that rest of your wine and b). she is most definitely still single.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Unequivocally: The Top 5

Recently, my most dearest friend in the world became engaged.  Of course, a most happiest of happiest moments within our lives as we had both been dreaming of this moment since we were giggly young teenagers.  What makes us both laugh, to some degree, is that we are both (perhaps her more formally now that she has reached the apex of all that there is when it comes to love: an engagement) fairly cynical when it comes to "lovey, dovey, ewww" stuff.  Many times as we sat and watched chick flicks and devoured our Ben & Jerry's pints of heaven, we would walk away with a mixed bag of emotions: some of a wishing/wanting that to happen to us, but then realizing that this was only a movie and those kinds of things never truly happen in real life.... a pox on love and a pox on us ever truly experiencing what it truly meant to love and be loved.

Monday, April 25, 2011

I would not feel such things if I were you...

I feel like I have gone plumb retarded and I am blaming you feelings.  Yes you feelings.... I am talking to you.  You are the one this in this world I avoid like the plague aside from music by Yanni and well actually the plague... but I detest and loathe you enough that I would rather get stabbed in the foot with a pencil then deal with you.  Yet, somehow, you have decided to over-run my life these past few months.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I'd be Mrs. Darcy any day

The husbands we wish had

Hence my beef with all these movies and books... they make the husbands or suitors too damn handsome, caring, sensitive, and swoon-worthy.  If they made a few of the husband characters over-weight, non-ambitious, emotionally-incompetent, and irritating us girls might not be so let down when we end up with one of the latters, not the formers.